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What makes a good Coffee shop these days? If you take a hint from industry giant Starbucks recipe would be, first and foremost welcoming enviroment to enjoy your coffee and customer service and great customer service enchanced with technology such wifi access, mobile payment etc...

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Aldelo for Restaurants provides integrated gift card management functionality out of the box. It is a huge oppurtunity for coffee shop owners to offer loyalty cards. If you have multiple locations, this is a must have feature for your cafe business. Have your clients buy your gift cards at one location and redeem it in another location of your stores. We can also customize your gift cards with your branding.

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Today, if you are opening up coffee shop, free wifi access is not only expected but a must have for your patrons. We offer guest internet hotspots along with point of sale systems that offers safe and secure service wifi access to your patrons.


Additional Cafe POS Features:

  • Very east to learn cafe pos interface.
  • Multi-lingual interface for <b>Spanish and English</b>
  • Built-in Gift Cards, House Account, Frequent Buyer functionality.
  • Built-in Employee Time Clock
  • Quickbooks and Pos Integration with Aldelo Financial Integrator.

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